Landscape & garden lighting, Geelong

There’s little point creating beautiful landscapes without showing them off to full advantage around the clock. That’s where our garden and landscape lighting solutions come in.

Our landscapers have worked across private, commercial and industrial clients – developing custom-designed landscape lighting that serves multiple purposes.

Particularly for industrial clients, garden lighting serves as an excellent deterrent for potential thieves and vandals. Break-ins are less likely to occur when your premises are well-lit, leaving vandals exposed to identification.

Many of our commercial clients require garden lighting design that covers safety considerations. Property developers, urban developers and body corporates must ensure the safety of all residents and visitors through adequate garden and landscape lighting aimed at preventing trip and fall hazards.

If you’re spending the time, resources and money landscaping your premises, you want them to be as visible as possible, especially around outdoor entertaining areas. Our landscapers know just where to put lighting – illuminating garden designs and creating a cosy feeling of warmth throughout your garden.

All landscape lighting installed is LED. We can design and install lighting around the following features: fencing, driveways, pathways and pavingpool landscaping, garden beds, outdoor decks and pergola and school playgrounds.

We also offer maintenance landscapers across Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula – keeping your garden looking brilliant in any light!