Geelong retaining walls

If you need a retaining wall erected in Geelong, our expert landscapers ensure your wall is both functional and visually appealing. While the primary purpose of a retaining wall is to contain large volumes of soil, our retaining walls are a standout landscaping feature on their own.

We specialise in retaining wall design and help you select the best material for your retaining wall, including timber, block, stone, gabion and concrete.

Whether you’re landscaping a sloping block or creating a front garden that sits above the nature strip, the team at Ausscapes chooses the best texture to suit your location and application.

We also have the experience and modern landscape excavation machinery to prepare for your commercial or private project, including ensuring appropriate drainage provisions.

Garden retaining walls

No matter the type or size of your garden, our retaining wall experts combine materials and design to match your existing landscaping and garden designs.

A popular retaining wall combination is timber and stone. Stone walls work well with paved outdoor entertainment and patio areas, while timber retaining walls complement natural or synthetic turf.

Retaining walls allow you to create depth with a split-level garden. Support outdoor decking and pergolas on the top level, offset by garden beds and lawn on the lower level.

We can also build retaining walls as part of our pool landscaping services.

Sleeper retaining walls

Sleeper retaining walls are a common choice for playground landscapers and community parks. Sleepers can be fitted with steel fencing to meet safety requirements.

Stone retaining walls

Ausscapes also offers stone retaining walls. While these are exceptionally strong, they also offer greater flexibility in wall design, allowing for curved retaining walls.

A popular option for commercial landscaping projects, the different sizes, colours and textures available with stone work together to create a modern appeal in new housing developments.