Garden bed designs, Geelong

The best way to create a beautiful, healthy garden is through professional garden bed preparation and design. Our team of experienced landscapers have a detailed understanding of how best to make the most of any outdoor space.

With decades of experience as professional Geelong landscapers, we can assist in everything from excavation and preparing your garden to choosing the right plants and installing irrigation systems.

Whether you’re creating a community garden for a park or school, designing a commercial garden or landscaping for a new housing estate, we specialise in customised garden bed preparation and design.

Garden bed preparation

Garden bed preparation is the key to establishing a healthy garden. The first step is finding the best spot for your new garden bed. This is determined by your planting design and the conditions your chosen plants will need to thrive.

Once we have selected the location for your garden bed, we excavate the area and remove any hindrance to healthy garden development, including existing plants and weeds.

The final step is soil preparation. This involves digging, lifting and turning soil before adding mulch and other organic matter. Correct soil preparation ensures the garden is able to withstand drought and water restrictions.

Planting design

Planting design is an important aspect of any garden landscaping project. Our professional landscapers: work with you to select the best plants for your commercial, residential or private garden; choose a location for your garden, offering the ideal exposure to sunlight and water for healthy plant growth; custom design your garden bed to suit your outdoor area and plant choice, inlcuding the option of raised garden beds; design and install water-saving irrigation systems.

We partner with leading suppliers across Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine to supply cost-effective and stylish garden bed materials for our clients. Contact us to find out more about our range of garden design services, including pool landscaping and stone landscapes.