Synthetic & natural turf installation

At Ausscapes, we understand how a vibrant and healthy lawn adds a sense of freshness to your landscape. Our landscaping contractors specialise in natural and synthetic turf installations for Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.

We supply and install different types of turf grass to suit your needs, budget and environment – from parklands and school playgrounds to coastal, urban and rural homes, as well as small or restricted areas like apartment courtyards and balcony gardens. Our landscape designers source top-quality turf grasses, taking weather conditions, environmental factors and maintenance requirements into account to ensure the best coverage year-round.

If you’re unsure whether natural or synthetic turf is the best choice for your landscape, we can provide advice and recommendations based on two decades of landscaping experience. Our synthetic and natural turf grasses offer a cost-effective option for both residential and commercial landscapes.

Residential turf grass

Whether your preference is for natural or synthetic turf, the team at Ausscapes incorporates your lawn as part of your wider garden design. We help you select the best turf to complement concreting and paving, swimming pool landscaping and outdoor decking.

We can also assist with garden bed preparation, ensuring your turf grass has the best base conditions possible for maximum, healthy growth.

Commercial natural and synthetic turf

Our experienced landscaping contractors manage all aspects of your turf installation, from preparation through to laying. We have landscaping excavation equipment to efficiently prepare your site for turf installation, ensuring appropriate drainage for turf to thrive without excessive maintenance.

Common turf grass applications include tennis courts, sports ovals, bowls and golf clubs, park landscaping and school playgrounds.

Ausscapes is also pleased to offer a garden maintenance team for both commercial and residential landscapes, including custom design and installation of irrigation systems. Please contact us for bookings and further information.